Links based in Berkshire Equine trainer using Monty Roberts methods. New web site from the National Equine welfare council. National Equine welfare council, a group of 30 plus organisation dedicated to equine welfare. Behaviourist Ben has helped the Donkey Sanctuary with the training and handling of their mules. A professional service in the UK.
Annual event, held each Memorial Day weekend in Bishop, a mule show which lasts a week, all disciplines plus Parade, mule racing, packers scramble, you’ll never see anything like it!
Bonnie Shields! Cowboy Cartoonist. FEATURE CARTOON. How to Order! Books illustrated
by Bonnie · Bronze sculptures by Bonnie · Leanin’ Tree Cards by Bonnie …
Are you interested in donkeys, mules or zebra hybrids? … The American Donkey and Mule Society maintains informative websites for those interested in the …
Author of Training Mules and Donkeys A Logical Approach to Longears. Meredith Hodges site & store.
However, donkeys have 62 chromosomes and horses have 64, so mules have an uneven … Mules have denser muscling than horses due to their donkey parent. … Carriage driving harness. … Links
Ride and Drive – Harness Makers. About us || Driving Bits || Driving Accessories || Spares Kits || Leather Harness …
Clovelly Village in North Devon famous for Donkeys and Mules.
Promoting Donkey Care and Welfare in UK and overseas. Riding therapy for special
needs children. Free Admission. books on military subjects including mules. Home of Meg the Mule who performs re-enactments. See Meg at many events throughout the year! · American Gaited Mule Association … British Mule Society · National Miniature Donkey Association … SEE Latest Mule book!/Calendars The Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand is the only National Breed Organisation for Donkeys & Mules of all types
Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, SPANA, works to protect and care for working animals in some of the worlds poorest countries.
The Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand is the only National Breed Organisation in New Zealand for Donkeys and Mules of all types. …
The Charity looks after up to 120 retired horses, ponies and donkeys from all walks of life including the police, army and Riding for the Disabled. (Official sponsors of the journal 2007)
ILPH provides education and training programs to improve horse welfare in the developing world, also operates rehabilitation and rehoming centres in the UK …

Canterbury Horse rescue has been rescuing horses and ponies since 1979. The founder and Trustee, Martin King, has dedicated his life to the care and welfare of equines and dissadvantaged children and adults.

A group of Swiss and French including Vets who are all very keen on Mules.

New UK forum dedicated to mules.