3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse

Mules are one of those creatures that people often hate because they do not understand them. Unlike horses and donkeys, the mules require more time and dedication to befriend with them. However, once you gain their trust and confidence, you will love them to death and will understand why you should get one earlier. Now, we will list you some reasons why you should get a mule for yourself, instead of a horse or a donkey.

They are stronger and do not need shoeing

Unlike horses, mules do not require any shoeing. Their feet are natural rock-crushers and they can move in almost any terrain. Also, they are much stronger than horses and can deal with higher temperatures. On top of that, the mules have more stamina and the ability to think about the surroundings around them. This means they will never get themselves in danger, and neither you. On the other hand, horses and donkeys, like to react immediately without any thinking.

Mules are more affectionate

Believe it or not, the mules are much more affectionate than horses! Although horses do look more generous and caring toward humans, it is very hard to gain their trust, even after years of work. They see you as a reward for good behavior and will do anything for you, once they accept you and become aware that you do not want them any harm. Also, it is very likely that the mule would defend and protect you if needed, unlike horses that in the end care only about themselves. After years of training and attention, you give them, the mules will eventually become your best friends and will do anything to satisfy you and your requests.

Mules are much healthier

Generally speaking, they can become sick and fall. But that is not often a case, especially when you compare horses to them. Since these are hybrids of donkeys and horses, they have a better health system and overall wellbeing. This means you will not have to call a vet every once in a while to perform a check on your mule.

The Difference Between A Mule And A Horse

A lot of people mix the terms a mule and a horse, as these are similar but in fact largely different. They do in fact, share some common attributes and characteristics, but as the society is not interested enough in this, the terms are often mixed and confused. We will use this article to explain some key differences, as well the origins of this animal.

The common differences

It is an offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, literally. The fact is that these cannot reproduce due to the odd number of chromosomes, so the breeding is performed manually, to say like that. While the horse is pretty much a social animal, the mules are not by their nature, however, with the proper care and management, they can become even more socialized than horses and donkeys. The main difference that is spotted at first is the length of ears, where horses have shorter and the mules longer ears.

The one thing that follows mules more than horses and donkeys together is their stubbornness. Horses are not that stubborn as these are, but the donkey are. So when you cross these, you get the animal that can become so stubborn that can drive you crazy. The reason for this is lack of acceptance and confidence since these are way harder achieved with mules than with horses and donkeys. Once you establish good confidence and trust with this animal, you will be amazed how affectionate and cool they can become.

The common size of the mule

Another difference is in sizes. The mules are way smaller than horses, but usually larger than donkeys, except for some cases. They are usually around 50” in height, making them ideal for children to learn to ride. When speaking of the muscular structure, the structure and posture of the mules are way more similar to horses. Donkeys are usually small and less muscular than these, so it is easy to differentiate them. However, there are some cases when a mule gets really strong and muscular, so people may switch it for a horse.

A Useful Guide For The New Mule Owners

The British mules are highly intelligent animals that do require some knowledge before handling them appropriately. Although they can be really stubborn animals, once you get their trust, they will be more than affectionate and loyal to you. You can teach them many things, even some things that horses cannot learn. But in order to do this, you must know how to act and handle them properly, as it is all about getting their trust. Therefore, this is a very useful guide for newcomers who want to have a mule for themselves!

They are highly-sensitive animals

First of all, you must know that these creatures are really sensitive and that they can understand a lot of things. Still, this does not mean you can handle them harshly, since you will not get anywhere with that attitude. When you are showing something to a mule, be patient, as it may happen that it does not understand at first. The last thing you would want to do, if it does not understand at first, is to yell or God forbid, punch/kick it! This can only produce the opposite effect (stubbornness) that will not lead you anywhere. So do know it will study your moves and requests thoroughly to try to understand you. Therefore, having patience for their sensitive nature is a must if you want to have a good mule.

Use humor and never try to deceive it

Believe it or not, they do understand humor! When you are using humor, they start feeling more relaxed and open to you, while the aggression and raised voice only produce the contrary effect. Use the humor in any situation you can – act like a donkey and you will get something in return. Also, never try to deceive the mule as it can become confused, even scared. That could lead to potential problems (stubbornness again) like that famous kick that we have seen on TV! Be sincere and honest and you will get the love and confidence!

Be polite as they understand you

Use “I will not do that if you do not let me to cuddle you with” instead of “Will kick you if you do not do this”. Their brain somehow recognized the positive tones and being polite with your requests is something that could give you positive results. They just like to be treated like a normal being, so avoid hatred, aggression or shouting. The more patient and polite you are with them, it is likely that you will achieve success and gain trust easily.

Educate yourself

The science has gone far, and there is a ton of material that explains their goofy nature that we can see sometimes. Ask the professional breeders to share some tips and knowledge with you and spend time with your mule. They like your companion and will be your best friend if you handle them properly. Sometimes may not be easy, but arm yourself with a lot of patience and politeness and the success will be visible!

In some parts of the world mules are used for betting much like horse betting in the UK.