This is a page where you can learn more about our society and team that advocates the mules and the breeding process of these beautiful animals. The British Mule Society (BMS) was founded in 1978 by Lorraine Travis and a small group of people dedicated to the interest and care of mules. The project was started as a small voluntarily project that later evolved in the bigger community that consisted of the professional breeders, trainers and enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about these animals. Over the time, we managed to grow in the full-time project where the stress is on the education and breeding of these animals.

Since then the society has grown with members across the UK and overseas. In 1990 Lorraine published a book, “The Mule” which is still available through the BMS. The society also publishes a quarterly journal, written by members, with a wide range of articles about mules in the UK and abroad. The BMS maintains links with and sends its journal to other, similar, organisations around the world. Today, we have a several partnerships with similar communities and projects that want to keep this job alive!
The society aims to advance public interest in the knowledge of mules, and to encourage, promote and improve the care, management and breeding of mules. Although many people do not know about the mule breeding, some researches showed that the interest for this industry started to grow.
The society keeps a register of British mules and the Honorary Secretary or other officers may know of mules for sale or wanted which are also, usually, advertised in the journal. The register is updated every month, so everyone could have the right and accurate insight into the status of these animals.
The British Mule Society holds an annual mule weekend at different venues around the UK where members and mules get together for a weekend of fun and socialising. It actively encourages its members to enter shows and classes at local and national events and enjoys good working relationships with the organisers of many county show grounds. This makes the whole society that takes care of this industry bonded and that leads to the stronger partnerships between the teams and projects.
The Society also regularly attends events and shows with its mobile display unit where the general public can gain first-hand information about mules and also have the opportunity to meet a “live mule”. We encourage all attendants to engage into the relationship with these animals who are affectionate, caring and simply amazing! By this, we want to ensure the welfare and the healthy environment for these animals.
The British Mule Society is also a member of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) and works closely with other equine organizations on matters of equine welfare.
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