Welcome to our British Mule Society! This is a home for both mule owners and non-owners! Actually, everyone who is sharing a love and passion for mules is welcome! We educate, help in growing, training and establishing a strong foundation for these beautiful creatures! Donate, join us or just browser our site to learn more about these generous and neat creatures!


Our services range from breeding, showcasing, caring, helping in breeding and providing the well-trained and healthy mules for all kinds of events, promotions and even movies! You can hire us to take educate you, care of your stall and community, you can join our community or you buy any of the mules from our selection!


Yes, we are the society that takes care of mules and we proudly say that we have been into this breeding business for more than 20 years! You can be sure that take a good care of these creatures!


One of our services is of course the training. Although stubborn, these are highly intelligent animals that can form a strong bond with their trainer or rider. We train mules for all kinds of needs – from simple shows and exhibits to the movie and cinema needs.


We also offer the possibility of renting the mules! Whether you need these for your commercial, a talent show or simply want to make your kids impressed on their birthday party, we can arrange this for you!


Our primary goal in this business is to keep the mules in the large number and keep their population healthy. As these are highly intelligent animals, they appreciate what you do for them and they give you love and affection in return. Since this is a bit of “old-fashioned” business, we want also to keep the tradition alive, while providing the safe and controlled environment for these animals!