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3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse

Mules are one of those creatures that people often hate because they do not understand them. Unlike horses and donkeys, the mules require more time and dedication to befriend with them. However, once you gain their trust and confidence, you will love them to death and will understand why you should get one earlier. Now, […]


The Difference Between A Mule And A Horse

A lot of people mix the terms a mule and a horse, as these are similar but in fact largely different. They do in fact, share some common attributes and characteristics, but as the society is not interested enough in this, the terms are often mixed and confused. We will use this article to explain […]


A Useful Guide For The New Mule Owners

The British mules are highly intelligent animals that do require some knowledge before handling them appropriately. Although they can be really stubborn animals, once you get their trust, they will be more than affectionate and loyal to you. You can teach them many things, even some things that horses cannot learn. But in order to […]