3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse

Mules are one of those creatures that people often hate because they do not understand them. Unlike horses and donkeys, the mules require more time and dedication to befriend with them. However, once you gain their trust and confidence, you will love them to death and will understand why you should get one earlier. Now, we will list you some reasons why you should get a mule for yourself, instead of a horse or a donkey.

They are stronger and do not need shoeing

Unlike horses, mules do not require any shoeing. Their feet are natural rock-crushers and they can move in almost any terrain. Also, they are much stronger than horses and can deal with higher temperatures. On top of that, the mules have more stamina and the ability to think about the surroundings around them. This means they will never get themselves in danger, and neither you. On the other hand, horses and donkeys, like to react immediately without any thinking.

Mules are more affectionate

Believe it or not, the mules are much more affectionate than horses! Although horses do look more generous and caring toward humans, it is very hard to gain their trust, even after years of work. They see you as a reward for good behavior and will do anything for you, once they accept you and become aware that you do not want them any harm. Also, it is very likely that the mule would defend and protect you if needed, unlike horses that in the end care only about themselves. After years of training and attention, you give them, the mules will eventually become your best friends and will do anything to satisfy you and your requests.

Mules are much healthier

Generally speaking, they can become sick and fall. But that is not often a case, especially when you compare horses to them. Since these are hybrids of donkeys and horses, they have a better health system and overall wellbeing. This means you will not have to call a vet every once in a while to perform a check on your mule.